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How to retrieve Logic Pro X’s content ?

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Before seeing « how » ?, let’s have a look at the « why » ?

  • If a complete reset of your Mac is necessary, no need to download it again (60 Gb…)
  • In the case of you do own several Macs, this offers you the possibility to save the software on an external hard disk and to install it on different Mac.


After the installation is completed, when you launch Logic for the first time, it downloads and launches a « basic content » composed of Samples/Apple Loops and Impulses Responses.

Note from the author : Since the version 10.2.1 of Logic has been released, this step can be avoided. However, it is highly advised to perform this steps anyway since…it will be necessary to perform it at the end of the process.


Launch Logic and open « Sound Library » then open « Sound Library Manager ».

Select a « package » not yet installed on your system

However, attention should be paid on the fact that - at some instances - when the download process starts, there is no window displayed… Don’t worry, the process is still running well.
Would’t be the case, the only way to check the good process is to have a « Network utility software » which displays what and at which rate the content is downloaded.

At the end of this step, Logic will ask you to insert your password : Please, don’t do it !

Click on « Cancel » so that Logic will not install all the files included into this package …to delete them right after..
The right way to do it is to locate the package in your hard disk and copy it apart for future installations.


Apple has made the choice to hide the the « download destination folder » but, it’s still possible to have an access on it.
Open a Finder window then go to the « Go » menu located in the upper part of your screen and select « Go to Folder ».

Once the window displayed, enter /private/var/folders/ : /private/var/folders/

And you’ll reach the correct folder ! Attention, in this example, the folder’s names are the one on my system. In your case they will be different.

The next step is to find in the Mac the folder which has the same arborescence like the one displayed below with 3 sub-folders. Generally speaking, the one of concern is the first. (However, this is not always the case)

When the concerned folder is found, open the « C » folder and search a folder called « com.apple.MusicApps » which includes the folder « audiocontentdownload.apple.com » where are located -finally- the package we were searching for !

Here is the concerned package. Make a copy of it on an external hard disk.

Tip : For not to repeat all the steps performed to reach the target folder, you might decide to create an alias on your desktop to make your life easier when you want to access on it.


Follow the same steps to download all the packages in one shot, then you can install them by clicking on the icon and follow the instructions.

It has to be noted that Logic Pro cannot be open when installing.

Once it’s done, copy all the materials on an external hard disk and keep it in a safe place, this would spare your time in case of need.

Everything should be at the right place when you’ll open Logic afterwards.


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