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How to get a Pro Tools session ready

if you only have audio tracks in your session, there’s nothing to do. Use the zip format to compress the session and send it.

If you have virtual instruments (others than the ones that come with Pro Tools), you have to bounce them in audio, otherwise the session will be incomplete for us as you don’t necessarily own the instruments you have.

Create a new audio track, « Shift + Cmd + N ».

In this example, it’s a stereo track but if your instrument is mono, choose a mono track. Open the mixer « Cmd + = » and change the output of your virtual instrument for the next bus available in your session.

Choose that same bus as an input for the audio track you just created. If you have plugins inserted, bypass them. Bypass any sends you may have too. But don’t delete them.
They could be useful during mixing.

Close the mixer, press the « Record » button of your audio track and hit « Record ». This is a real-time process. Let the record go until the end of the song.

Important: If you have more than one instrument, you can process them all at once but don’t forget to use a different bus and a different audio track for every instrument. Do not delete original tracks.

When you’re done, right click your instruments and choose « Deactivate ».

Now, compress the session and it will be ready to send. There are many files and folders in a Pro Tools session. All of them are required.
Compress them all together in one folder.


PS : This tutorial was made on Mac but is totally relevant to PC.

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