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How to get a Logic Pro session ready

Even if we use Logic at MixCorner, there are a few things to do before you can send us your sessions. (This tutorial is relevant to Logic Pro 9 too).
First things first, go the the « File » menu, « Project Management », « Consolidate »

Select all the checkboxes and press OK.

If your session only has audio tracks and/or instrument tracks using virtual instruments that come with Logic, then you’re done. Go to the end of this tutorial. If you use third-party instruments, you must bounce them in audio. It’s very easy, just select each instrument one by one in the main window,

And use the « Ctrl + B » shortcut. Check « Ignorez les modules d’effets » only. Everything else should remain uncheck. There must be no clipping when you bounce your instruments in audio.
Don’t use normalizing.

You get a perfect copy of your instrument in audio. Don’t delete the Instrument track and don’t remove the plugins you may have inserted on this track. This could help us during mixing.

Last thing before you send us your session, compress it in zip. Before you do that, it could be a good idea to save your session as a package (Logic Pro X only). Open your session, then go to « File » menu, « Save as » and choose package.

Now, right click the file and choose « Compress ». If you have Logic Pro 9, compress the main folder of your session.


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