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A qui s’adresse MixCorner ?

  • MixCorner travaille avec des artistes de tous bords musicaux professionnels ou non. Que vous soyez un amateur désireux de finaliser ses créations de manière la plus aboutie possible, ou un artiste auto-produit, signé en label souhaitant déléguer le mixage à un professionnel du son, vous pouvez faire appel à nous. Bref, nous travaillons avec tous les profils de musiciens.

Do you work on projects created on any DAW ?

  • Yes. Here at MixCorner, we use Logic Pro 9 and 10, Pro Tools 11 and Cubase Elements 8. But if you use another DAW, don’t worry, you’ll get all the help you need on this page.

How do I send you my music ?

  • We have a secure online storage you can use to upload your music (1 zip file for each song) in a private folder we will create for you.

How do I get my sessions ready for mixing ?
2 possibilities.

  • If you use one the softwares we use (Pro Tools 11, Logic Pro 9 and 10, Cubase Elements 8), you can simply send us the session files but only if you have just audio tracks and/or instrument tracks using instruments that come with the DAW. If you use third-party instruments, please refer to the right page for you:
  • If you use another software, you will have to export individual tracks in audio. Please read this page to find out how to do that.

How can I pay you ?

  • MixCorner uses Paypal. It’s secure, fast and works great.


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