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What is SoundFlower ?

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Today, this article is for Mac users only. SoundFlower does not exist on Windows. Very quickly, what is SoundFlower ? It’s an utility that allows us to do some audio routing inside Mac OSX. Let’s dive into it !


Audio routing is the path of your audio in your system. Let’s say that you have a Mac without an external audio interface. If you listen to your favorite song in iTunes, the routing will be very simple.

iTunes -> Audio interface -> Speakers

Same thing if you watch a video on YouTube or listen to something on Deezer. The audio always goes the same path. There’s no option in Mac OSX to modify that. But SoundFlower can change that.


Once you’ve installed SoundFlower and reboot your Mac, you will be able to give your audio another path. Back to our track in iTunes, your new routing now is.

iTunes -> SoundFlower -> Audio interface -> Speakers

To do that, go to your preferences and choose « SoundFlower (2ch) » instead of what you had so far.

What happened ? You don’t hear your track anymore, why ? Don’t worry, that’s normal. SoundFlower too has its own inputs and outputs. For now, we sent the audio into the inputs of SoundFlower (SoundFlower (2ch)) but we did nothing for the outputs. Your audio has nowhere to go !

iTunes (output) -> (input) SoundFlower (output not configured) -> Audio interface -> Speakers

To configure an output, launch SoundFlower and go on its icon in the menu bar at the top of your screen.

This is the setting by default.

Choose « Built-in Ouput »

Our routing is now completed and you should have something coming out of your speakers again.

iTunes (output) -> (input) SoundFlower (output ok) -> Audio Interface -> Speakers

Ok, cool but what’s the point of doing all of this ? Does it look like something has changed ? No ! So what ? As is, it is useless but don’t worry. In my next article, I will show you two very cool ways of using SoundFlower.

Stay tuned.


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