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Use Logic Pro X’s Drummer in multi outputs mode

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If you’re a user of the excellent « Drummer » from Logic to create the drums lines of your compositions, you probably have noticed that the tracks are « by default » generated under a stereo format. When you are at the stage where you’re compose the drummer lines, this feature is not a real issue.

Situation becomes a little bit more embarrassing when you’re in the mixing step of your tracks because it would be more comfortable and efficient to have the several drum elements on separate tracks. Indeed, such separate tracks offer better possibilities to work on them, like you probably would have done if you had recorded real drums.


When you initially create your "Drummer" track you’ve access in the Library to a large panel of pre-existing kits with different tones.

The feature which is of interest in this particular case is located well below at the end of the list.


Once your pointer arrived at the end of the list you’ll find an item called « Producer Kits ».

After a click on this item, you will find all the kits already available in the previous list (but with a sign « + » after their name). You’ll also find another new kits available only under the « Producer » format. In the example below, there’s the « Bluebird+ » kit which is the « Producer » version of the Bluebird kit.

After clicking on « Bluebird+ », Logic will create :
 A series of individual tracks (including their own names and icons)
 An output routing
 A Stack Track including all items of your producer kit

As you may see above, your MIDI data is kept as it was set.

You can see just below how it’s displayed into the mixer

Such procedure allows you to have more controls on the initial settings and would improve your mixes ! Have fun and mix well !


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