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SoundFlower (Part.3) - Update

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Due to frequent Mac OS updates released by Apple, there was a need for modifications regarding the Soundflower’s article we’ve published some times ago.


If Soundflower was perfectly running under Mavericks, this is not the case anymore under the last OS X such as Yosemite (Mac OSX 10.10) and El Capitan (Mac OSX 10.11). Sadly, the developer Cycling’74 has ended to work on it in 2015. Then Rogue Amoeba brielfly worked on it but at the end Matt Ingalls -the original developer of Soundflower- decide to continue the development through via GitHub.


Here after, you’ll find the link to download the latest version available (2.0b2). Any older version you may have installed can be uninstalled by using the un-installer located in the dmg file of version 1.6.6b.

If you do not have such image disk anymore, don’t worry, uninstallation will be performed « manually » by following the Matt Ingalls instructtions.
From a finder window, you can use a shortcut by pressing the « Shift + Cmd + G » and write :

/Library/Extensions (as shown below)

In the destination folder, delete (if it’s there) the file « Soundflower.kext ».
Then do the same thing in this folder :

/System/Library/Extensions (as shown below)

The last step is to restart your computer and proceed to the installation of the latest version available (2.0b2).

The latest version doesn’t have any modifications, therefore, you may use it as before.


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