Logic Pro and Stereo Files (Part.2)

Author MixCorner 16 March 2018, in - Audio - Folder - Logic Pro X .

Let’s start for the second part on “Stereo Files in Logic”. We’ll consider how Logic Pro manages this point and the plugins available to shape this aspect.

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Audio formats (Part.2)

Author MixCorner 4 March 2018, in - Audio - Folder .

Last time we’ve covered the domain of “Lossy” formats, which present the disadvantage to induce an effect on the audio file’s integrity. For example, if someone makes the conversion from a “.wav” audio file (...)

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What is Sample Rate in Audio ?

Author MixCorner 27 February 2017, in - Audio - Technical stuff .

« Sample rate » is omnipresent in the fields of digital audio. It is mentioned in any of the audio interface’s technical sheets. Let’s see what does it mean.

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Mixbus 32C vs UAD-2 Harrison 32C

Author MixCorner 15 February 2017, in - Audio - Plugins - Review .

Harrison has released a special version of its software Mixbus, renamed Mixbus 32C. The main difference (the only one ?) found consists in the emulation of the famous channel-strip of the Harrison mythical (...)

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SoundFlower (Part.3) - Update

Author MixCorner 28 September 2016, in - Audio - Folder - Technical stuff .

Due to frequent Mac OS updates released by Apple, there was a need for modifications regarding the Soundflower’s article we’ve published some times ago.
If (...)

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SoundFlower (Part.2)

Author MixCorner 23 September 2016, in - Audio - Folder - Technical stuff .

Some time ago, we’ve had a look at the software « Soundflower » and its basic functions. Today, we’ll see what can be done with this useful and very potent freeware that would merit to be a « must have « for everyone working in the fields of audio.

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Logic Pro and Stereo Files (Part.1)

Author MixCorner 28 May 2016, in - Audio - Folder - Logic Pro X .

In the « Audio » domain, an interleaved stereo file means that both channels of the stereo file are included together into a single file. Interleaved stereo files are the most common format found, however in (...)

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An In-Depth Look at the audio plugin’s format

Author MixCorner 18 March 2016, in - Audio - Plugins .

Depending of the DAW you use (Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Cubase, Digital Performer…) the nature of the plugins will be under different formats. This means that a plugin developed and dedicated to Pro Tools (...)

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What is SoundFlower ?

Author MixCorner 11 February 2016, in - Audio - Folder - Technical stuff .

Today, this article is for Mac users only. SoundFlower does not exist on Windows. Very quickly, what is SoundFlower ? It’s an utility that allows us to do some audio routing inside Mac OSX. Let’s dive into (...)

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Audio formats (Part.1)

Author MixCorner 12 January 2016, in - Audio - Folder .

There are 2 types of audio formats. Destructive formats (Lossy) and Non-Destructive formats (Lossless). Nowadays lossy formats are widely used because they make audio files a lot smaller but of course it (...)

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